Here are the new tamil songs list 2020 having all the major songs released so far in the year 2020. We have lyrics and specially designed quotes for the tamil songs in this category.

Sirikkalam Parakkalam Song Lyrics – Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal

Sirikkalam Parakkalam, Iraikkaigal Mulaithathe, Midhakkalam Kudhikalam, Kavalaigal Marakkume,Sirikkalam Parakkalam,Iraikkaigal Mulaithathe,Midhakkalam Kudhikalam,Kavalaigal Marakkume,Nerangal Kalangal,Chill Panna Thevai Illai,Cheers Endru Koovi Par,Sorgamum Dhooramilai,Saturday Night Mattum,Partigal Podhavillai,Andradam Sun Burn Than,Ver Ingu Thevai Llai,Sirikkalam Parakkalam,Sirikkalam…

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